Friday, November 2, 2007

Shitty Week

Lousy week and a half. I tweaked my lower back again during deadlifts, this time on the snatches. Never doing that grip before, I thought I could lift the same amount. I packed it in after that and took Monday off to rest rather than re-injure. Really discouraging.

Since then I've felt very off, physically and mentally. I told myself I would get my workouts in Thu/Fri of this week but I've bailed on those, too. I have a ton of work to do for this weekend and next week, but I know those are excuses. I've felt like shit all week. I've had no sleep, I'm drinking coffee like water, I'm battling a wicked cold, and I've eaten more than a few Halloween mini Reeses and Snickers from the kids at school where I'm doing my internship. I think I ingested approximately 0 vegetables, and I skipped a couple meals when I was late for work (again, no sleep). I was still relatively low-carb, but certainly not much.

I'm really pissed at myself. I know a week off isn't the worst, but I had such great momentum. I weighed 211 last Friday, my lowest since probably February.

I feel like this final push of grad school is getting the best of me, fitness-wise. My head is killing me, I'm on no sleep, and the constant packing/unpacking/preparing 3 days of meals thing is wearing on me so bad.

I bet this just sounds like I'm rattling off excuses, but that's what I feel like doing right now. I'll start again Monday with Fat Loss II as if this week never happened.

The good news is I was offered a job last Friday after my interview, and I think that's where my head has been. I walked into the gym after that interview to start the workout, and all I could think about was the job. I'm overwhelmed with the end of school and a new venture, but once these final 4 weeks are over, it will calm down. Maybe not smooth sailing, but at least I'll be in one place and not have to worry about a lot of those things. I'm sure I can get into a groove then. After all, I took about 6 months off from health and fitness, a week isn't going to kill me.

But please, somebody give me a kick in the ass, I need it.

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Daniel said...


I admire that you are dedicated to sticking with your workout routines and do get angry at yourself when you skip them. I need to get into that mindset.

I go to work, eat, watch tv/read/surf the web, then go to bed and repeat five days a week. I hardly make an effort to work out and I'm not feeling any motivation to do so.

I feel like crap a lot of the time due to allergies, asthma, etc. but if I worked out regularly I'm sure I would feel better. The worst part is I certainly have the time to excercise. I just squander the time away. For a long time now I've had a hard time getting into a solid routine. Reading this blog reminds me that I need to get off my lazy arse.

Keep up the good work.