Friday, November 30, 2007

I've Moved

In case you haven't noticed, I've switched my blogging program to WordPress, so check it out here.

I'm a big fan of WordPress now, no offense to Blogger. Check there from now on, I update at least a couple times a day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Workout B, Part I:

Finally starting to feel better, I was about to throw up. Again, I did two thirds of the workout before feeling woozy. My theory is this: I don't eat many carbs during the day, but right before and after my workouts I have shakes made with whey protein and Gatorade powder that has a ton of sugar in it (that whole insulin-spike thing that delivers the nutrients, or whatever). I think this is shooting my blood sugar through the roof during this time which is making me feel ill. I'll have to cut down on the Gatorade powder and I'm sure it will be fine in the future. I still need to drink a shake in a few minutes to get something during that post-workout period. I'll have Wednesday to make up the rest of this workout and do some intervals and extra ab work. I'm going to go rest, that was really hard.

1A) Snatch deadlifts: 185x12x3
1B) T-pushups: 12x3

2A) Bulgarians split squats: bwx12x2, 10x12
2B) Underhand lat pulldowns: 120x12; 140x10
2C) One-arm dumbbell shoulder press: 30x12x3

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"We're here to win again! Harvard's team may fight to the end, but Yale win win!"

Got back from New Haven today after attending the Harvard/Yale football game yesterday with some friends. While this portion of the fight song predicts a Yale victory, they actually got demolished yesterday. A very good time, but I got home later than expected, therefore no gym today. I also ate pretty poorly, starting with a sausage/cheese calzone Friday night at Amici's and ending with pancakes, hash browns, and bacon this morning, not to mention a decent amount of booze throughout. Not exactly according to plan, but weekends like that don't come along very often. It's always good to see friends and if that means indulging more than I want to, so be it. As long as it's limited to once every few months.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Workout B...

No time for Part B today, I have appointments and I'll be away till Sunday. I'll do it then.

Workout A...

Fat Loss II A:

1A) squats: hack squats again (tried dumbbells, way off balance) 45x15x3, i'll give it a better shot next week
1B) bentover rows: 135x15x3

2A) ham curls on ball: bwx12x3
2B) push press: 85x12x3

3A) lunges: 25sx12x3
3B) russian twist in chair: 25x12x3

very beat today. felt like i had to puke, but a really good workout. stuck with the same weights, got all 12-15 reps in each time. part B tomorrow. only 2 more weeks of this commute, so everything will settle down after that and i'll be able to get probably 3 workouts a week, maybe 4 depending on soreness. diet was really good too. i haven't weighed myself but i feel skinny.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Workout A...

Skipped Monday's Fat Loss II Workout part A yesterday due to scheduling conflicts and laziness after work. I'll get the two this week in Thursday and Friday. Just ate pizza with Jaylynn but we had a good excuse. I'll just cut a cheat meal out of the weekend.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fat Loss Workout(s) B

I split Workout B into two days, I was so sleepy yesterday and didn't want to completely push it. Friday I did:

1A) Deadlifts: 225x12; 185x12x2 (cut down on the weight, hit the reps, no pain, a-ok with me)
1B) T pushups: bwx12x2; bwx10 (those are harder than they look, i can't quite figure out why)

**here's where i didn't want to push it. i was afraid of doing the bulgarians without looking at some diagrams/videos just to make sure, so i just did the underhand lat pulldowns with very little rest
100x12x2; 110x12

Then today (Saturday) I did:
-bulgarian split squats: 10x12x2; bwx12

3A) romanian deadlifts w/ bent over row (i did these with dumbbells, i can keep the form easier: 45x12x3
3B) russian twist in chair: 25x12x3

to get a little extra in, i threw in some giant sets of standing Arnold presses/side delt raises/front delt raises/Roman chair leg raises.

i guess it's two hard workouts instead of one REALLY hard workout. i definitely understand how hard these Fat Loss workouts are now. I'm so winded after every one, which is great. i was also 209 this morning, my lowest in a while. It's not as hard as I thought cutting out so many carbs. I definitely feel tired a lot more, but I'm sure it will just take a little longer to really get used to. I haven't exactly been compliant to my 90% standard but I'm doing well. Sometimes I'll get back to Kathe's after a day in Ashland and just make a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. I cannot resist. In any case, the fact that the numbers on the scale keep moving to the left will keep me going.