Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fat Loss Workout(s) B

I split Workout B into two days, I was so sleepy yesterday and didn't want to completely push it. Friday I did:

1A) Deadlifts: 225x12; 185x12x2 (cut down on the weight, hit the reps, no pain, a-ok with me)
1B) T pushups: bwx12x2; bwx10 (those are harder than they look, i can't quite figure out why)

**here's where i didn't want to push it. i was afraid of doing the bulgarians without looking at some diagrams/videos just to make sure, so i just did the underhand lat pulldowns with very little rest
100x12x2; 110x12

Then today (Saturday) I did:
-bulgarian split squats: 10x12x2; bwx12

3A) romanian deadlifts w/ bent over row (i did these with dumbbells, i can keep the form easier: 45x12x3
3B) russian twist in chair: 25x12x3

to get a little extra in, i threw in some giant sets of standing Arnold presses/side delt raises/front delt raises/Roman chair leg raises.

i guess it's two hard workouts instead of one REALLY hard workout. i definitely understand how hard these Fat Loss workouts are now. I'm so winded after every one, which is great. i was also 209 this morning, my lowest in a while. It's not as hard as I thought cutting out so many carbs. I definitely feel tired a lot more, but I'm sure it will just take a little longer to really get used to. I haven't exactly been compliant to my 90% standard but I'm doing well. Sometimes I'll get back to Kathe's after a day in Ashland and just make a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. I cannot resist. In any case, the fact that the numbers on the scale keep moving to the left will keep me going.

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