Monday, November 19, 2007

Workout B, Part I:

Finally starting to feel better, I was about to throw up. Again, I did two thirds of the workout before feeling woozy. My theory is this: I don't eat many carbs during the day, but right before and after my workouts I have shakes made with whey protein and Gatorade powder that has a ton of sugar in it (that whole insulin-spike thing that delivers the nutrients, or whatever). I think this is shooting my blood sugar through the roof during this time which is making me feel ill. I'll have to cut down on the Gatorade powder and I'm sure it will be fine in the future. I still need to drink a shake in a few minutes to get something during that post-workout period. I'll have Wednesday to make up the rest of this workout and do some intervals and extra ab work. I'm going to go rest, that was really hard.

1A) Snatch deadlifts: 185x12x3
1B) T-pushups: 12x3

2A) Bulgarians split squats: bwx12x2, 10x12
2B) Underhand lat pulldowns: 120x12; 140x10
2C) One-arm dumbbell shoulder press: 30x12x3

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