Friday, November 16, 2007

Workout A...

Fat Loss II A:

1A) squats: hack squats again (tried dumbbells, way off balance) 45x15x3, i'll give it a better shot next week
1B) bentover rows: 135x15x3

2A) ham curls on ball: bwx12x3
2B) push press: 85x12x3

3A) lunges: 25sx12x3
3B) russian twist in chair: 25x12x3

very beat today. felt like i had to puke, but a really good workout. stuck with the same weights, got all 12-15 reps in each time. part B tomorrow. only 2 more weeks of this commute, so everything will settle down after that and i'll be able to get probably 3 workouts a week, maybe 4 depending on soreness. diet was really good too. i haven't weighed myself but i feel skinny.

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