Monday, November 5, 2007

Fat Loss II, Workout A

So I've had another one of my trademark changes of heart. I weighed myself today and I was 211. I thought that my last week of poor eating and no working out would have lead to a gain of at least a couple of pounds. I was discouraged by that that I was going to scrap my plan and start over. However, the 211 I weighed today means I only maintained what I had lost before, which is awesome. I decided to stick to the plan and here's how it went today:

Today's numbers for Workout A FLII:

1A) Front squats: 95x15; 105x12; 115x8 (i am having a hell of a time with this form, or any squat form for that matter. my wrists really hurt on these again)
1B) Wide BB rows: 125x15; 135x15; 145x12
**since i wasn't pleased about the squats, i threw a couple of sets of...wait for it...the hack squat machine (i know, i know...), 45s on the machine, 2x15 to really fatigue my legs. felt pretty jiggly after those.

2A) Leg curls on ball: bwx15; bwx12; bwx12 (i think i have the form right, now, those were pretty hard)
2B) bb push press: 85x12; 85x12; 95x10

3A) lunges: bwx15x3 (my legs were really fatigued thanks to the extra sets of hack squats, so not what i did before)
3B) russian twists (in low back chair, backwards) 25lb plate x15x3

no intervals, felt extremely tired. adjusting to the time change? anyway, i feel pretty good. we'll see how Workout B goes on Friday. hopefully i don't mess up my back again!

onward and upward

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