Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 2

Week 2: Break-In A:

front squats: 2x15xbar (much better form than last time. easier, too)
static lunges: body x 10; body x 6 (seemed harder than last time)

One-Arm 2 pt. DB rows: 2x35
Pushups: 2x20

Cable crunches:
140lbs x 20; 140lbs x 16

About 35-40 minutes. My squat form is getting much better. Front squats feel very comfortable. I'll throw a few more pounds on next week to get my morale up. It's also feels weird to be done with a workout in a little over a half hour. Walking out of the gym I feel like I'm leaving too early. Not lifting long and heavy is mentally difficult right now, but I'll get there...

Next to Planet Fitness is a (sort of) new protein shake bar, I think called Body Control. I had the Peanut Butter Mocha shake and it was very good. $5.25 is pretty expensive, but you figure a medium coffee drink from Starbucks is pretty comparable, and this was pretty healthy. I had to pound it in my car before getting my haircut right after my workout, so a little bit of an ice cream headache. I definitely think my shakes are missing ice, that thickens them up and gives them a good milkshake-like texture.

In other shake-related news, I've figured out a way around the Soylent Green veggie shakes: A couple strawberries and some sugar-free raspberry Jell-O packets. I can't even taste the vegetables at all, and that means I can put more in. Frankly, I don't care how weird it looks or what my mom thinks about it. If I'm going to get healthy again, this is how. I've solved the problem through ingenuity.

Gonna up the deadlifts on Friday. With my portfolio passed in by Friday (!), I'll have less to do this fall, at least in the short-term. That gives me more time to focus on these goals. Onward.

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