Saturday, September 29, 2007


Any good training program (or anything in life, I guess) needs goals. I forgot to write them at the beginning of this new blog concept, so I'll write them now:

1) Train every day that I've scheduled (Shouldn't be too hard, I'm only doing 2x per week right now.)
2) Comply with diet 90% OTT. (Also, shouldn't be too hard. I'll be fine during the week and that allows me 4 cheat meals during the weekend if I choose. Only 2 so far this week and it's Saturday).
3) Post my workouts on this blog and on the JP fitness forums. Even after a week of posting and getting feedback from people on JP I feel a sense of accountability and honesty.

I'm almost hesitant to list any more because if I follow through correctly the results I want should come along. I really trust this program based on everything I've heard from it. But anyway:

2-4 Weeks:
-Fit into my jeans and shorts (Sounds like a chick goal, but that was pretty discouraging when I realized my clothes didn't fit anymore.)

2 Months:
-Weigh 200 lbs. Weighing myself Monday I was 217. I'm probably 215-216 now, and I won't weigh myself for a couple weeks. 200 lbs is probably my normal weight given my muscle mass with some "normal" fat. When I was last in "presentable" shape in summer 2006 I was about 205, so 200 sounds about right. That's realistic in about 6 weeks, I think.

4 Months:
-Weigh 190. Maybe 11% body fat? I haven't had my body fat measured in a couple years, so I don't know where I am now. But that would seem about right. I'll have added a good deal of muscle mass by then, and since I'll be long done with my outplacement and living at home full-time (and a real job with lots of money for lots of supplements), I'll be at the end of my hypertrophy phase and into my strength phase. I'll have lost a lot of fat by sticking to the diet.

6 Months:
-Weigh 180-185. 9% body fat. I figure I'd be in pretty damn good shape with those numbers, and after that it might be maintenance or trying to add more muscle. I think if I were to be really ripped, I'd be 175. I should save that phase for the summer.

These numbers are pretty much just thrown out there based on the kind of shape I used to be in along with what my memory tells me those numbers are. I feel like 200 pounds is baseline, just before it all went wrong this winter. I'm not going to worry about how much I bench, squat, or deadlift, just that I'm doing the workouts properly and I'm eating right most of the time. As time goes on, we'll see what happens.

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