Friday, September 28, 2007

Break-In B

1) Superset:
-Deadlifts 135x15; 185x12 (these were great, I can't wait to do deadlifts again, I'll be back to 315 in no time)
-Step-Ups 25's x 15; 25's x 10

2) Superset:
-One-Arm Dumbbell Press (standing) 30x15x2
-Close Grip Lat Pulldowns 120x15; 120x13

3) Reverse Crunches 2x8 (really hard because my legs were so fatigued)

Done in about 30 minutes. I know this program is going to be great because these two workouts were probably the two most intense I've ever done in terms of lack of rest time between sets and proper form.


Been good. Only 1 cheat meal (unexpected pizza last night from mom). Onward.

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