Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Last Week of Break-Ins


Not much activity today. Maybe some simple stretching and mobility work later tonight, but probably not. Resumes are in the mail, I'm getting headhunter recruiters calling me like all damn day. I suppose constant job opportunities are a good problem to have. Better than none.

Break-In A:

Front squats 65x15; 95x12 (my wrists hurt, i was holding the bar like a clean, but it hurt, i figured i would have to find a different grip but a guy on the forums said it just requires more stretching. I'll get to 135 again in a couple more weeks. Having a big plate on the squat bar is much less embarrassing)
static lunges: 25s x 15; 10x 15 (went down because i knew i wouldn't get close to 15 on the second set)

one-arm 2pt. db rows: 40x15x2
pushups: 30; 25

Cable crunches: 150x25; 150x20

All my numbers went up and I'm not as tired, so that's good. Definitely too much food this weekend, 5 cheat meals instead of 4. I was 215 a couple days ago but probably not now. It's hard watching the Patriots and Red Sox at 99 without eating gold fever wings (what can i say, i rationalize the protein). I must be better this week. I'll try some intervals or bodyweight circuits (i found one of Ballantyne's) Wednesday. Definitely elliptical intervals next Saturday, too. This week will be good because I have much less to do now that my graduate portfolio is done. I'm just job-searching and playing Madden the rest of my days. Anyway, felt good today.

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