Thursday, October 4, 2007

Middle-of-the-Week Downers

I stay at my aunt's house in Franklin for 3 days during the middle of the week until the end of Novemeber, and so far I haven't done a lot of working out while I'm here. I did some sprints last week, but that gave me shin splints. I don't imagine that I will as much as I plan each Tuesday before I head up here: I don't have a gym, I don't like bodyweight exercises, I've got a bit of work to do each evening. Of course it's possible, but honestly I'm not likely to really do anything consistently here.

Therefore, my diet is the most important thing while I'm here. I've been relatively out of sorts this week, at least compared to what my plans were. I make and pack 3 days worth of my own food so I can stick to my goal. This week was different. With late pre-cana class in Auburn the other night, I didn't get home until 10PM. My shakes and the like were in a cooler all day in my car, but I was out so long (6:30AM-10:00PM) that everything got too warm. Two large shaker bottles down the drain. I probably could have drank them as meal replacements, but the cottage cheese scared me (last thing I need in a school office full of women is stomach discomfort).

So, I've been eating what is available at my aunt's that comes close to my diet. That means a lot of eggs, wheat toast (not the carbs I was planning on, but not terrible), yogurt, a couple Fiber 1 bars, peanut butter, etc. I haven't fallen off the wagon because those foods are all still pretty good, but it wasn't what I had planned on so mentally I don't feel right.

In a way, this is good because even straying from my plans this little bit has upset me. I haven't eaten pizza, cookies, banana bread, or anything else I could have yet I feel that I have cheated in some way. This is motivation to get back on it and continue to be dedicated when I go home tomorrow and hit the gym. Also motivation to pick up a couple more ice packs.

I also realize that despite the title of this blog, I haven't been thinking about getting in shape for the wedding: I'm doing it because I want to get in the best shape that I can possibly achieve. This is great because it shows that I'm not doing this for outside reasons and that I'm doing it for myself.

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