Saturday, October 6, 2007

Week 2: Break-In B

From Friday Oct. 5:


a) deadlifts 185x15; 225x12 (a little overzealous today, felt a small twinge in my lower back)
b) step ups: 30x15; 30x10

a) single arm dumbbell shoulder press: 35x15x2
b) close grip lat pulldowns: 130x9; 130x7 (way too hard)

reverse crunches: 10x2

Totally beat after this. had the burning feeling in my lungs like after a long run. Supersets using your whole body for medium rep ranges are fucking brutal.

I did eat pizza last night as a cheat meal, so that's one marked off. I'm considering the middle of the week as one cheat meal. While nothing really qualified as one, it wasn't quite good enough that I'll let myself get away with it.

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